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Wines of Athens

Author: Eleni Kefalopoulou - Wine Journalist

Once upon a time, the God Dionysus visited Attica and decided that it was a good place for his favourite vine. So he taught Icarius, who was the King of a town in Attica, how to grow vines and how to make wine.  And so Icarius was probably the first person to be blessed with this knowledge.
3,000 years have passed since then, and all throughout this time vines have been cultivated in the soil of Attica.  Even now, all the temples and sanctuaries are surrounded by vineyards. People have always talked of the wines of Attica, and wine and grapes have always been one of the region’s main products. Attica wine amphorae (large clay vessels used to hold wine in ancient times) travelled to all corners of the ancient world, and there are thousands of goblets, cups and other vessels which bear testament to the history of wine in Athens. It is the only place in the whole world which has a tradition of wine stretching back so many thousands of years.
Many varieties of grape are grown today, but the Savatiano variety is characteristic of Attica. There are more than 60,000 acres of vineyards in the region, and many wineries which still continue Attica’s long tradition, albeit now using state-of-the art modern methods.
With their care for the vines and native varieties, and with their deep knowledge of wine making, and continual 'experimentation', the wineries of Attica have made sure that Athens once again holds its rightful place on the international wine map.
Athens has yet another reason that makes it special. It is the only European capital where vineyards and wineries are within walking distance of the city. Wines of Athens invite you on a magical journey to one of the most historic vineyards on the planet.



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